In a tragic incident at a factory in Harda, safety regulations were blatantly disregarded, resulting in a devastating explosion that claimed numerous lives.

The factory, which housed a stockpile of explosives in its basement, experienced a catastrophic blast, raining debris over a three-story structure and inflicting casualties upon the unsuspecting workers.

According to experts from the fire brigade, the storage of explosive materials such as fireworks should strictly adhere to safety guidelines outlined in the Explosives Rules of 2008.

These regulations mandate that explosive storage facilities must be constructed on solid ground level surfaces, with no provision for storage in basements or upper floors.

However, the factory in Harda failed to comply with these crucial safety measures, leading to the catastrophic consequences witnessed.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that despite numerous safety violations, the factory continued to operate under the guise of licenses obtained annually.

Each year, Rajesh Agrawal's license for the factory was renewed by the authorities, despite recurring lapses in adherence to safety protocols.

This lax attitude towards safety regulations raises serious questions about the efficacy of regulatory oversight and underscores the need for stricter enforcement measures.

The aftermath of the explosion serves as a stark reminder of the catastrophic consequences that can arise from negligence and non-compliance with safety regulations in industrial settings.

It highlights the imperative for stringent adherence to safety protocols to prevent similar tragedies in the future.