Harda, Madhya Pradesh, witnessed a horrific incident as a firecracker factory, licensed for production, experienced a catastrophic explosion.

This devastating event was a result of serious safety violations, shedding light on the need for stringent adherence to regulations in the explosive industry.

The factory, holding four licenses, blatantly violated Explosives Rules 2008, specifically Rule 126, which mandates the storage of explosive materials exclusively on ground level.

Unfortunately, the disregard for these guidelines led to a severe explosion that shook the entire area.

The repercussions were immediate and severe, with the explosion causing the ground to shake and stones raining down on the surrounding area.

The three-story building suffered a collapse, resulting in numerous casualties.

The tragic incident highlights the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols in such high-risk industries.

Despite regulations in place, the factory continued its unsafe practices, and annual license renewals raised concerns about regulatory oversight.

The lax enforcement of safety measures and the renewal of licenses without proper scrutiny point to a systemic failure that needs urgent attention.