Apple's next flagship ditches the iconic camera bump for a sleek, circular design on the iPhone 16.

This rumored redesign promises a smoother phone profile and sparks curiosity about its functionality.

Netizens have dubbed it the "Fidget Spinner" camera, raising questions about aesthetics and practicality.

While details remain under wraps, speculations suggest multiple lenses seamlessly integrated within the circular housing.

This could potentially improve camera performance with better zoom capabilities and advanced features.

Some argue it's a bold move towards a more unified design, while others worry about potential drawbacks like lens protrusion.

The circular design might also hint at innovative camera technologies like rotating lenses or improved optical stabilization.

Only time will tell if the "Fidget Spinner" camera lives up to the hype, but it's undoubtedly a conversation starter.

One thing's for sure, Apple's camera innovation keeps pushing boundaries, leaving fans eager to see the final product.

Get ready for a spin on smartphone photography! The iPhone 16 camera promises to be a sight to behold, literally.