The latest leak about the iPhone 16 has set the tech world spinning (literally). Images show a radical camera design resembling a fidget spinner, sparking debate and amusement in equal measure.

While some hail it as innovative and futuristic, others find it gimmicky and potentially impractical

The functionality of the design remains unclear, leaving many to question its purpose and how it might impact photo quality.

Opinions range from "revolutionary" to "a cheap gimmick," with users eager to see if the spinning camera lives up to the hype or becomes a regrettable design choice.

Only time (and perhaps a few spins) will tell if this "fidget" feature is the future of smartphone photography or a short-lived fad.

The upcoming iPhone 16 might have a camera that doubles as a fidget spinner, according to leaked images.

This radical design has sparked debate, with some praising its innovation and others finding it gimmicky.

While the functionality remains unclear, the circular camera layout certainly breaks the mold, potentially offering improved image stabilization or unique shooting angles

Whether it's a game-changer or a fad remains to be seen, but the "fidget spinner iPhone" has undoubtedly grabbed attention and ignited online discussions.

As the launch date nears, tech enthusiasts and design critics alike eagerly await Apple's official unveiling and the final verdict on this controversial redesign.