Prime Minister Narendra Modi lambasted the Congress party for allegedly depriving the OBC (Other Backward Classes) community of their rights over seven decades. The Prime Minister's remarks came during his session in the Rajya Sabha.

The session witnessed intense exchanges as PM Modi accused the Congress of neglecting the interests and welfare of the OBC community, highlighting what he described as a long-standing injustice endured by them.

This critical commentary underscores the escalating political tensions surrounding issues of social justice and inclusivity.

PM Modi's assertions underscore a broader narrative of political discourse centered around social justice and representation.

The Prime Minister's remarks are poised to spark further debate and scrutiny, particularly regarding the historical role of political parties in addressing the concerns of marginalized communities.

This development comes amidst a backdrop of heightened political polarization, with parties vying for electoral support from various demographic groups.

PM Modi's critique of the Congress's track record on OBC rights adds fuel to the ongoing political contestation over social welfare policies and inclusive governance.

As the Parliament Budget Session unfolds, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on issues of social equity and political accountability.

PM Modi's address serves as a rallying cry for increased attention to the plight of marginalized communities, reshaping the contours of the national political discourse.