2024’s Top Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

According to our research, State Farm offers the best rates on combined home and vehicle insurance. We compared insurers based on the number of complaints, cost of house and auto insurance, and bundling discounts.

Most insurers offer a respectable multi-policy discount to customers who combine their auto and home insurance. By choosing the same provider for your house and car insurance, you can save money by combining.

State Farm

Because State Farm had the highest average bundling discount (23%) among the firms we looked at, less complaints about auto insurance, and competitive pricing, we chose them as the best overall option for combining. It’s a wise option if you want to combine your house and auto insurance because of this combination.

  • Outstanding vehicle insurance renewal discount of 14% is available to customers who have been with State Farm for three years or more.
  • The cost of home insurance is less than that of most of the firms that we looked at.
  • Cheap vehicle insurance for DUI drivers.
  • extends your limit when rebuilding expenses surpass the amount of your dwelling coverage by providing extended replacement cost coverage for homes.


We are pleased with Erie’s exceptional selection of house and vehicle insurance policies. The company provides vanishing deductibles, gap insurance, new car replacement coverage, and accident forgiveness for auto insurance. Add-on coverage for Erie’s house insurance includes increased liability, guaranteed replacement cost, extended replacement cost, and service line protection.

  • Cheap auto insurance for drivers who have been involved in an accident, received a speeding ticket, or have a DUI.
  • Floods caused by natural disasters are covered by an extended water add-on along with other water damage; normal home insurance does not usually cover these.
  • Among the benefits of Erie’s SecureHome plans are coverages for identity theft and misplaced or lost jewelry.


We favor Nationwide due to its affordable rates for both house and auto insurance, as well as its favorable 15% bundling discount.

  • provides choices for vanishing deductibles, new car replacement, and accident forgiveness for auto insurance.
  • There is no homeowners insurance prohibited dog list.
  • Extended coverage is offered by “dwelling replacement cost plus” in home insurance policies.


Because Auto-Owners receives few complaints regarding its house and auto insurance, we like the company. These low complaint numbers show that Auto-Owners effectively resolves issues as they come up, preventing complaints from being filed.

  • affordable rates for both auto and house insurance.
  • Water backup, guaranteed replacement cost, and extended coverage are optional features of home insurance.
  • Accident forgiveness, deductible reduction, gap insurance, and new car replacement are examples of add-ons for auto insurance.


Because USAA offers affordable vehicle and house insurance rates to active duty troops, veterans, and their immediate families, we recommend it to those in the military community. Since USAA only sells to the military community, it is familiar with their unique requirements.

  • lowest average rate among the firms we looked at for good drivers.
  • has relatively few complaints about home insurance and extremely few concerns about auto insurance.
  • There are choices for new car replacement and accident forgiveness with auto insurance.
  • No list of prohibited dogs.
  • provides extended replacement cost coverage for homes under homeowners insurance.

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