2026 Jeep Renegade Is Hoping for an EV Makeover, and Alfa Romeo Junior Has Added a Comment

2026 Jeep Renegade
Maybe a new generation of Jeeps is in need since the company has been milking the Renegade for the past ten years. It’s theoretical but has a futuristic design and an emission-free drivetrain.

Unable to understand what we’re discussing? Jeep did not reveal a brand-new Renegade while you were asleep, so don’t panic. This unofficial visual depiction of the car explores its futuristic aspect, leaving us to wonder what the business plans to do with this moniker.

The above-mentioned digital illustration, created by Burlap on Instagram, shows the upcoming Jeep Renegade with an incredibly sleek appearance. It is entirely unrelated to the present Renegade, as it is very different in appearance. Everything has been subjected to pixel modification, including the profile, the tailgate, the three-quarter design, the taillamps, the roofline, and more.

2026 Jeep Renegade

We won’t dispute your claim that the majority of this virtual designer’s projects have a similar aesthetic. In actuality, the creator of this picture may have claimed that it is a computerized depiction of the next Hyundai Kona. or the Nissan Juke. or any other crossover that is subcompact. And we would have been able to believe that because, other from the emblem that is painted on the tailgate beneath the left-side taillamps, it doesn’t resemble a Jeep at all.

Even if the rendering community has begun to show interest in the next Renegade, it should be noted that Jeep discontinued the model a few months ago in both the US and Canada. However, the somewhat larger Compass, which starts at $25,900, is the entry-level high-rider, as the model is still featured on the local website of the corporation for $28,345.

2026 Jeep Renegade

At the start of the year, Jeep gave the Renegade some improvements in Europe, even though it was discontinued in our market and north of the US border. The 10.1-inch infotainment system and the 10.25-inch digital cluster are two of its new technological features. It also has 4G connectivity, wireless smartphone integration, over-the-air upgrades, and linked features.

Jeep undoubtedly possesses the resources and expertise necessary to create a new Renegade, which might also be a battery-electric car. The automaker only needs to request access to the Alfa Romeo Junior (former Milano) underpinnings by contacting its parent business, Stellantis. Given that they are around the same size as the Renegade, the latter might serve as a solid platform for a future Jeep model generation.

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