Bugatti Tourbillon V16 Power Exchange Digital Wheels Hypercar for Vossens

For motor enthusiasts of all ages, this month has been busy as we have a brand new Bugatti BMW M5, which is slower than the previous model – at least not in a straight line – and a brand new Bugatti. Replacing the Chiron is the Tourbillon, which has a completely different powertrain despite looking largely identical except for a few obvious design cues.

If you’re lucky enough to see Bugatti on the road, you won’t mistake it for anything else thanks to its large horseshoe grille, C-shaped profile, and other features. Production is limited to 250 units, and each costs the equivalent of $4.1 million plus taxes.

No matter which model it was powered by, the old W16 engine, with its four turbochargers and 8.0-liter displacement, looked boring, even though it was a true engineering marvel. By equipping the Tourbillon with a more powerful 8.3L V16 than its predecessor, Bugatti has undoubtedly stepped up its game.


It hasn’t escaped electrified trickery, while it doesn’t even need forced induction. The Bugatti Tourbillon’s V16 engine is assisted by three electric motors, with a total output of 1,775 horsepower (1,800 ps/1,324 kW). Trackers know it has 296 horsepower (300 ps/221 kW) more punch than the Chiron. The Molsheim company claims the new hypercar can reach 62 mph (0 to 100 kilometers per hour) in just 2 seconds.

What is the Tourbillon’s maximum speed? You’ll find a long stretch of road where you can legally and safely reach such dizzying speeds, so you can easily reach 236 mph (380 kilometers per hour). Using the ‘speed key’, you can reach a top speed of 277 mph (445 km/h). Although it is undoubtedly capable of more, the record peak speed has become a controversial issue in Bugatti.


The Bugatti Tourbillon is an important addition to the automotive industry, but it has almost escaped a flurry of renderings. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been the target of pixel manipulators around the world; in this instance, it was imagined adding new running shoes larger than the stock wheels shown in official press photos during the car’s premiere.

This digital illustration of the Bugatti Tourbillon with Vossen’s five-spoke design appeared on the Internet via CarLifestyle’s Instagram account. We like the appearance of the wide-lip set and the eye-catching color option. The hypercar looks good with it. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this on a Bugatti as replacing those expensive OEM alloys with new ones will undoubtedly impact the vehicle’s performance – especially in a hypercar that’s as fast as a wheel. Isn’t it tempting, though?

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