Incredible H1 2024 Sales Report: Ford F-Series Remains America’s Favorite Large Truck

Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience as we dissect the H1 2024 Sales Report of the Ford F-Series, showcasing its undeniable impact on the market.

Ford F-Series

The Ford Motor Company has once again waxed poetic about Ford F-Series delivery figures. More precisely, the Dearborn-based carmaker is right that the F-Series is still the best-selling truck in the US.

The common truck line delivered 352,406 units between January 1 and June 30, down 8.0% from the 382,893 deliveries made in the first half of 2023. F-150 Lightning pickup trucks made up 15,645 of those 352,406 total units. But the zero-emission vehicle is no match for the Ford F-150 PowerBoost. With a hybrid-assisted V6, the PowerBoost sold 33,674 in the first half of 2024.

Detroit-based carmaker General Motors’ Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra models grew 4.8% and 4.0% from the first half of 2023. General Motors’ Q2 2024 sales announcement lists 148,785 Sierra deliveries, while the Silverado has a total of 281,099 trucks. In other words, General Motors surpassed rival Ford Motor Company in terms of full-size truck sales across the city.

Ford F-Series

GM’s lineup for the Silverado includes the Silverado EV in addition to light-, heavy-, and medium-duty versions. If you’re curious, during these six months, the Silverado sold 3,257 units. Detroit’s largest automaker still has a long way to go for the GMC Hummer EV, with 4,597 combined deliveries of the truck and sport utility vehicle during the six-month period.

Ram is once again at the bottom, with a surprising -20% drop in the P/U series from the first half of last year. In short, 179,526 compared to 223,049 deliveries. Stellantis may be hurt by the switch to the 2025 model year, but that’s not the main reason for this drop. Think of it this way: the most practical Ram 1500 costs $40,275, while the Ford F-150 and Silverado 1500 cost $36,965 and $36,800, respectively.

Would you mind a non-V8 truck that replaced the 5.7-liter HEMI with a Hurricane-badged twin-turbo I6? FCA US LLC, the American company that represents Stellantis, has a penchant for items that are disproportionately expensive compared to its competitors in the same market group. Additionally hampering Chrysler is its historically poor quality control, which Carlos Tavares’ brutal cost-cutting initiatives are likely to make even worse under the Stellantis umbrella. Authorized by Carlos Ghosn, of course!

Ford F-Series

The Tundra completely outpaced the Titan in the exotic minority of the full-size truck segment, with 78,454 deliveries compared to 8,209 for Nissan’s vehicle. Toyota reported a 31.3% increase in sales compared to H1 2023, while sales of the soon-to-be-canceled Titan fell by -22.2%.

All things considered, the Tundra is a twin-turbo V6 truck, but like the FoMoCo, it can be equipped with a small electric motor. The four-cylinder turbocharged mid-size Tacoma is not to be confused with the hybrid version known as the i-FORCE MAX.

According to Toyota’s report for the second quarter of 2024, 26,867 Tundra i-FORCE MAX units were delivered in the first half of the year, an increase of 88.1% compared to the same period last year. In the US market, there is a difference of only 6,807 deliveries between the Tundra i-FORCE MAX and the Ford F-150 PowerBoost.

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