The new Mansory Venatus S900 is an eye-catching hyper SUV

Once again, Mansory has done it. The controversial tuner took a stunning Lamborghini Urus and turned it into the powerful but flamboyant-looking Venatus S900.

Mansory Venatus

When it comes to looks, it’s easy to distinguish it from the standard Italian mega Mansory SUV. Its face has been overhauled with a new hood and several bumper modifications, such as large canard-adorned aprons, side appliqu├ęs, and additional daytime running lights.

A set of thicker side skirts, new side mirror caps, and fender attachments can be seen further back between the extended wheel arches and the redesigned hood. There are two wings, a redesigned diffusor with integrated tailpipes in the middle, bumper attachments, and side canards at the rear end. Yes, you read that right: in addition to the spoilers mounted on the roof and tailgate, this customized Lamborghini Urus has two additional wings.

Mansory Venatus

If it’s not a wrap, at least the exterior finish looks really nice. The Italian flag pattern, numerous yellow highlights, and traditional forged carbon add-ons all work well with this project’s matte green exterior. The new wheels are also somewhat controversial; the tuner feels that the Mansory insignia is better than the Raging Bull emblem since it has replaced the latter on both ends and appears on other parts.

The reupholstered cockpit and exterior are connected by yellow highlights. The latter has a lot of yellow, such as the door cards, center console, dashboard, seats, headliner, pillars, seatbelts, steering wheel, and so on. For a more unique appearance, Mansory actually decided to make the front passenger seat yellow and the driver’s seat primarily black. The rear seats hidden in the photos posted on social media by the tuner have presumably also received the same treatment.

Mansory Venatus

Mansory Venatus S 900 is the model name, and the suffix refers to the new metric horsepower output of this unusual crossover. Thus it claims to have 887 brake horsepower (900 PS / 662 kW) with a peak output of 811 pound-feet (1,100 Nm), according to the tuner. As a result, this vehicle has 231 horsepower (234 PS / 172 kW) and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) more torque than the stock Lamborghini Urus Performante, which can reach 306 kilometers per hour and 62 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds.

Mansory claims that thanks to the increased power, its Venatus S 900 can accelerate to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and maintain a maximum speed of 323 km/h. Reportedly, the vehicle produces 355 g/km of CO2 and returns the US equivalent of 15.8 mpg (14.9 l/100 km). The Venatus S 900 is by no means the prettiest Lamborghini Urus, but it’s still not as ugly as the Mansory.

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