Without a BMW M4 Gran Coupe? Not a problem! Alpina Unveils New B4 and B3 GT Models

Although the M Division of BMW may not have released an M4 Gran Coupe, the new B4 GT is a good substitute. Together with the redesigned B3 GT in sedan and touring configurations, Alpina has just unveiled these models, which are among the most attractive vehicles in their class.

Alpina Launches New B4 GT

Let us first discuss the recently released Alpina B4 GT Gran Coupe. The business notes that the front axle’s stronger mounts and the updated active dynamic damping control are two examples of the significant chassis modifications done on this model. Along with an electronically controlled rear limited-slip differential and rear-biased all-wheel drive, the car also features modified variable sports steering.

The B4 GT shares a firmer connection between the rear axle with the most recent B3 GT; the revised BMW 3 Series also gets this characteristic. Alpina’s engineers performed a miracle on the front strengthening struts and added a larger rear stabilizer to the B3 GT. As part of the redesign for better driving dynamics, the shock absorbers have a revised arrangement that prioritizes comfort.

Alpina’s most recent models feature a reworked rear diffuser, new canards and splitter, and a few other visual changes. They are mounted on 20-inch alloy wheels with the classic multi-spoke style and GT lettering. The special Blue and Green paintjobs, along with Brewster Green, Imola Red, or Fashion Gray, can be added to complete the look.

Alpina Launches New B4 GT

Both inside and out, Oro Tecnico accents are evident, and the steering wheel’s stitching also uses this hue. A production number plaque on the center console, black leather edging on the floor mats and trunk mat, GT writing on the door sills, Lavalina leather upholstery, and aluminum paddle shifters were all features added by Alpina to the new B3 GT and B4 GT.

The 3.0L straight-six with twin turbocharging provides 521 horsepower (529 ps/389 kW) and 538 pound-foot (730 Nm) of torque between 6,250 and 6,500 rpm. Although it only has two fewer horsepower than the most recent M3 Competition xDrive, the Alpinas has 59 lb-ft (80 Nm) of torque. Reaching 62 mph (100 kph) takes 3.4 seconds for the B3 GT Sedan and 3.5 seconds for the Touring, and the B4 GT reaches the same speed as the latter.

Alpina Launches New B4 GT

The most recent B3 and B4 GT, according to Alpina, are two tenths of a second quicker to sixty-two miles per hour than their predecessors. The peak speed of the B4 GT is 190 mph (305 kph), which is 2.5 mph (4 kph) faster than the top speed of the B3 GT Sedan and Touring, which are now 191 mph and 190 mph (308-305 kph), respectively.

For these vehicles, Alpina has begun to accept orders. In Germany, the starting price of the 2024 B3 GT is €101,700, or $110,707. The B4 GT Gran Coupe is priced at €105,100 ($114,408), while the B3 GT Touring is priced at €102,900 ($112,013). In contrast, the standard M3 costs at least €94,200 ($102,542) in its native market, while the M3 Competition costs €100,400 ($109,291), and the M3 Competition xDrive costs €105,300 ($114,625).

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