All-New 2025 BMW X3 Leaks Far Earlier Than Expected, iX-Inspired Style Seems Clearly

Social media sites are already reporting on the possible Internet leak of a 2025 BMW X3 (G45) fourth generation; the responses are every bit as bizarre as the new design.

Assume you’ve followed the ongoing story of the BMW. If so, you are well aware of the misery and despondency felt by a few devoted fans of the Bavarian brand due to the company’s desire to revolutionize its models’ designs at any costs – and in nearly every direction at once. Let us now provide you with a few instances.

Alpina, which is already a fully-owned subsidiary, just unveiled the B3 and B4 GT models, which have peculiar four-door coupe dimensions and 529 horsepower. At least they were competitive with the newly released BMW 3 Series LCI (which is actually the second refresh) and, in particular, the M3 Competition, which now produces 523 horsepower. Pay particular attention to the updated headlamp design.


However, they also unveiled the new BMW 1 Series and the 312 horsepower hot hatchback-style M135i, which isn’t coming to the US. Once more, notice the headlights; they have an all new LED DLR arrangement, and the grille now resembles a bowtie rather than a twin coffin assembly or a cartoon buck-toothed beaver!

It is now rumored that they have done it once more; in the course of a few weeks, their design staff may have created yet another headlight and grille design. More specifically, a purported photo of the brand-new G45 fourth generation 2025 BMW X3 shows off the plug-in hybrid variant—notice the left-hand front charging port—as well as a unique, double L-shaped LED DRL assembly and a radiator grille that’s not only as large as two shields placed next to one another but also intersected by slats coming from two different directions!


Social media is reacting accordingly, and this may be the genuine deal as, not so long ago, a leak surfaced that revealed the new headlight assembly—likely as a replacement part. If the popular BMW X3 adopts this new style, what are your thoughts? Or is this perhaps the next iX3, designed to be just as contentious as the iX and based on the Neue Klasse?

As usual, the comments sections on these leaked discoveries are a hilarious, educational, bizarre, and quirky combination of all these things. Perhaps BMW had always intended to generate talk about its vehicles at all costs. Car fans talk about them more than the posh Cadillac, the uninteresting Audi, or the conventional Mercedes-Benz. What do you think—could this be another CGI rendering amidst a sea of G45 renderings, or is this the real deal?

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