Duster’s larger sibling, Dacia Bigster, is set to make his spy debut in 2025.

Dacia Bigster
Three and a half years after Dacia debuted the Bigster Concept, the car has finally popped. Our espionage cameras captured the larger sister of the Duster in a debut while it was being tested, presumably in sunny Spain.

The future model takes design influences from the 2021 study and the most recent Duster model. Even with the heavy camouflage, its face resembles that of the Duster. This includes the size and form of the grille, the big intake and side vents located deeper down the bumper, and the headlamps, which seem to have the same graphics.

The alterations are more noticeable from the rear. The bumper appears cleaner at first inspection, although it might just be the effect of the camouflage. The license plate holder has a narrower recess in the tailgate, which is designed differently, and the Dacia name should be visible above it. On the other hand, the taillamps look to have the same form and design as those equipping the current Duster.

Dacia Bigster

When the Bigster and Duster are compared side by side, it becomes clear that the Bigster has a somewhat longer wheelbase. This is to be expected since base models may only have five seats, while the Bigster is expected to arrive with optional seating for seven. The back overhang is noticeably longer than the front, which is around the same size. The rear windscreen’s less arched appearance is equally intriguing, and we all know what that implies, don’t we? Indeed, an excellent cargo area.

The dashboard panel of the Dacia Bigster is probably going to be virtually the same as that of the new Duster. It may come with the same 7-inch digital instruments and 10.1-inch infotainment display. This next model may also include the grips that can handle different objects. The identical air vents, buttons, knobs, steering wheel, and other components wouldn’t surprise us. But we anticipate that the Romanian carmaker, which is a part of Renault, will add some unique elements.

Dacia Bigster

The CMF-B platform, which is included in all of Dacia’s model lineup as well as other Renault Group goods, is underneath the surface. The Bigster is rumored to have the same mild-hybrid, hybrid, and bi-fuel drivetrain options as the most recent Duster. The Duster’s most powerful variant, the Hybrid 140, generates 138 horsepower (140 ps/103 kW) in total using a self-charging component. It is likely that the Bigster’s range-topping version will have a punchier powertrain to make up for its larger and hence heavier size.

Although the Duster is a small crossover, the Bigster will compete in the D-segment’s superior mid-size class and will also be offered with all-wheel drive. In areas outside of Europe, Renault is expected to provide its own version; however, in the Old Continent, the vehicle will be branded as a Dacia. It should be released sometime in the upcoming year, and production will probably take place in the Mioveni facility in Romania.

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