This Independence Day, Check Out the Most American Jeep Gladiator You’ve Ever Seen

 American Jeep Gladiator
America will commemorate 248 years of union on July 4th. By all measures, it’s been a long journey and not necessarily an easy one. And yet here we are, almost 25 centuries after the United States of America was formally founded with the ratification of the Declaration of Independence. And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a Jeep pickup truck adorned with both the stars and the colors of the American flag?

Jeep is undoubtedly among the many things that the world connects with America. The name, which originated during the difficult years of World War II, is now associated with one of the most powerful local (and international) auto companies.

However, pickup trucks are incredibly popular in the United States; by 2023, the local market is expected to consume 12.4 million of these cars, according to Statista, making them the most popular vehicle type.

Last but not least, the images of America that spring to mind are the colors red, white, and blue, along with the stars and stripes that adorn Old Glory.

This incredible 2020 Jeep Gladiator with a ton of custom work done on it and a livery that is sure to make everyone feel all patriotic and proud over the next weeks is the result of combining the Fourth of July with a Jeep pickup truck, red, white, blue, and stars.

The build may be recognizable to some of you because it was initially seen some time ago. It was assembled for the 2019 SEMA exhibition, and it sold a few times at different auctions in the years that followed. It kind of vanished from our consciousness in 2022, but now that it is slated for demolition once more, it is returning.

 American Jeep Gladiator

The vehicle was originally built as a Jeep Wrangler JT Gladiator Rubicon just four years ago, but it was transformed into what is now known as USA – Red, White & Blue after falling into the hands of the unidentified custom company that executed the construction.

It’s clear that the moniker is a reference to the American flag wrap that was placed over its body. White and crimson can be seen when you look further back. At the front, blue is prominent, from which the stars also begin to fly. Seeing a flag billow in the breeze is like to witnessing it on a pickup truck’s body.

As unique as they are, the Gladiator has undergone many other modifications outside only aesthetic ones. The object was significantly modified mechanically, resulting in a much meaner and more powerful version of itself.

Let’s begin with the aspect of the truck that hasn’t changed: the engine. Underneath the original 3.6-liter V6 engine is still the hood. It is operated by the optional eight-speed automatic transmission rather than the six-speed manual transmission that came standard with the vehicle.

The suspension system and the vehicle’s underbelly are the main areas of improvement. There is hydro-assist steering, chromoly axles added, and Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 diffs currently on it. In addition, the Gladiator uses Fox coilovers and Skyjacker control arms.

American Jeep Gladiator

Returning to the bodywork, there are other changes than the American flag that is shown there. The truck was outfitted with brand-new Westin front and rear bumpers, the front of which was supported by a Superwinch winch. Steel inner wheel guards and steel fenders provide further protection.

A roof rack, LED lights, and a HornBlasters Nightmare horn kit were added to the car for kicks.

The truck’s wheels, which are 20-inch KMC Grenade pieces of gear with oversized Mickey Thompson Baja tires on them, are its most striking feature, if you can see past the body wrap.

The truck’s interior is not all that different from standard. The music system is supported by an 8.4-inch screen, the front seats are heated, and remote entry and start are included.

The USA – Red, White & Blue sold already, as I mentioned earlier, and as far as we know, it occurred twice in 2022. It sold for $84,700 the second time around after going for $72,800 the first time.

This time, the truck is going under the hammer at Kissimmee, Florida’s Mecum on July 13, which is a week or so after Independence Day. It is not stated how much is anticipated to sell for, but historical trends suggest that it will likely sell for between $80k and $100k.

This distinctly American Jeep Gladiator has only 17,589 miles (28,300 km) on it as of the writing of this article.

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